Different Types of Data Storage Solutions


The right storage solution for your data can lower costs, increase security and speed up access to information for your company. Find out about the various options to make a decision that is best suited to your requirements.

Virtual Storage Appliance

Virtual Storage Appliances (VSA) are software-based alternatives to physical storage systems. They operate in a virtualized environment, using a virtual machine. They abstract the storage resources and display them as an integrated storage device for the virtual machines. VSAs allow for flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. They also seamlessly integrate with virtualization platforms.

SAN Storage

SAN storage stores files on multiple disks, which offers greater redundancy and performance over traditional block storage. As opposed to other storage options that are port-based, VMware vSAN is software-defined and can be configured as a cluster to maximize performance and reduce downtime.

Cloud Storage

There are a variety of cloud storage options available and the most well-known being Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure. This type of storage is perfect for archiving rarely used data or to meet the regulations and standards of industry regarding retention of records.

It’s inevitable that tech glitches will occur, but it is important to have a backup plan in place to prevent downtime and the loss of crucial business data. The right solution for backup and recovery can help you quickly recover from a problem while still having access to all your data. This is particularly crucial for your most valuable assets, like customer and employee data.

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